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Jason Sole

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About Jason

Jason Marque Sole (he, him, his) is a formerly incarcerated abolitionist. He has been a criminal justice educator for over 12 years and is currently an adjunct professor at Hamline University in the Criminal Justice and Forensic Science Department. He has been a national restorative justice trainer since 2008, leading circles in jails, prisons, and community.

In 2019, he received the John Legend “Can’t Just Preach” award for his work to abolish prisons. In addition, Jason is the co-founder of the Humanize My Hoodie Movement in which he challenges threat perceptions about Black people through clothing, art exhibitions, documentary screenings, and workshops. Jason is based in Minneapolis, MN.

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Jason’s first book, Prison to PhD, explores his life and experiences navigating the criminal justice system.

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